A day has 24 hours. When we think about everything we do in one day and what different states of mind we are in, it is certainly not easy to imagine giving everything for 24 hours, being completely at the limit and remaining highly concentrated. That’s what a 24-hour race is all about. Mistakes are paid high. And it is precisely this thrill that defines them, the “24 Heures Motos” on the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans, France.


After eight months of forced break due to the corona pandemic, which made things very quiet in the motorsport world, the BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team arrived at the race track in France strengthened and highly motivated. The preparations for the legendary event of the FIM Endurance World Championship were very good, the goals set high. Everything was actually possible! The team’s three regular riders, Kenny Foray (FRA), Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) and Markus Reiterberger (GER), received strong support from another BMW ace and the fastest road racer of all time: Peter Hickman. We know how the race ended. It was very disappointing, but it can happen. Because they are humans, who sit on the motorcycle, even if they are from a different breed! Nevertheless, the event was a large  success for the whole championship with all the corona-related restrictions. After all, the organizers had worked for so long to make it possible at the present time.


A total of 114 riders from 15 nations competed in 38 teams at Le Mans. The 24-hour race was broadcasted on 19 channels worldwide. In Europe alone, more than eight million people have watched the race. The 592 digital articles and social media posts etc. that were published during the event week were clicked 1.1 billion times.


All of the impressive facts and figures about the 24-hour race in Le Mans can be found under this link! It will guide you to the report done by the FIM.


There is currently no calendar for the next season, but we will report when the time comes.


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